09:00  to  09:30

Connect with other China UK professionals in the Life Science and Healthcare sector

Opening speech
09:30  to  09:40

Setting the scene for the day of insights, worked case studies and networking

William Franklin. CEO. China Investors Club.
Luke Zhou. CEO. BeyondLaboratory.
VIP introduction
09:40  to  09:50

Senior public figure will provide Keynote introduction

HRH Prince Michael of Kent.
Welcome from Chinese Embassy and DiT
09:50  to  10:10

Showing support for China UK cross border trade and knowledge sharing in life sciences and healthcare sectors

Sunan Jiang. Minister Counsellor - Technology. Chinese Embassy.
Jiansheng Du. China Specialist. DiT.
Four Success stories
10:10  to  11:00

We will hear from 4 UK firms that have succeeded in building effective investment and trading relationships with Chinese investors, partners and regulators. After a 10 minute presentation from each company we will open to Q&A from the audience with Kate Orviss moderating.

Cambridge Science Park & TUS Holdings (confirmed)

AVO & Yantai CIPU (confirmed)

Oxford Nanopore & China Construction Bank (Confirmed)

Docobo & CFDA (Confirmed)

Kate Orviss. Partner - Healthcare. Pinsent Masons.
Samuel Ogunsalu. Partner. Lancea LLP.
Yunming Shao. Head of Investment. TusPark Holdings (UK) Limited.
Rich Compton. VP Commercial Operations. Oxford Nanopore.
Adrian Flowerday. CEO. Docobo.
Coffee and networking
11:00  to  11:25

Offering the chance to have extended networking

Tax and your Chinese business
11:25  to  12:15
Helen Hu. Director - China business. RSM China.
IP and patent filings: securing your future
12:15  to  13:00
Douglas Tao. Vice President. Invest Shanghai.
Jane Jin. Licensing and ventures manager. Oxford University Innovation.
13:00  to  13:55
Taking UK care homes to China
13:55  to  14:25

This panel discussion will explore opportunities for taking UK expertise in elderly care to China. Alongside review of high-quality private care home models, we will also introduce new disruptive solutions that appeal to state-wide healthcare system.

Wei Liu. Partner. Pinsent Masons.
Paul Gaudin. CEO. Carerooms.
Ray Mortimer. Associate. DWA Architects.
Cancer and the Chinese market
14:25  to  15:15

Combining the UK's latest cancer detection devices as well as fundamental research and treatment methods, we will look at models for successful cooperation with Chinese healthcare sector.

Luke Zhou. CEO. BeyondLaboratory.
Coffee and networking
15:15  to  15:40
Innovator presentations
15:40  to  17:00

Glyconics is early stage medical diagnosis business addressing a £30bn global market. Glyconics is using a novel hand-held point of care approach to the diagnosis and monitoring of diseases. Glyconics uses Infrared Spectroscopy to analyse a wide range of acute and chronic conditions for diagnosis and precision medicine.

Glyconics is Business Weekly’s “One to Watch” in the “Killer 50” initiative, Glyconics have been awarded a coveted Seal of Excellence by the European Commission and grants (SBRi , Innovate)


Care Rooms have developed a solution to one of the biggest challenges faced by the U.K. health and social care system today.

Together, we are building a safe, flexible and national network of amazing people with accessible space in their homes, to ensure patients are provided with a fundamental choice: the choice to not remain in a hospital bed for longer than necessary, the choice to not be at risk of further illness and infection and the choice to be educated in their condition to broaden their understanding and help reduce the risk of recurrence. Our services will also help to tackle social isolation whilst building stronger communities and will also ease the growing capacity crisis in the NHS and global healthcare systems.

Our top priority is the protection of our Guests and our Hosts. We use rigorous and stringent background checks and in-person interviews as well as detailed assessments of guests from their Healthcare Professionals. When combined with our in-room telemonitoring and access control technologies, we are creating a safe, comfortable and friendly environment for you, your loved one or your patient to recuperate in.

In partnership with external healthcare equipment providers, high-quality catering providers, dedicated and outstanding hosts and our National Health Service, we are going to challenge perceptions and create a community alternative to becoming a bed blocking statistic.


Silence Therapeutics develops a new generation of medicines by harnessing the body’s natural mechanism of RNA interference, or RNAi, within its cells.

Our proprietary technology can selectively inhibit any gene in the genome, specifically silencing the production of disease-causing proteins. Using our enabling delivery systems, we have achieved an additional level of specificity by delivering our therapeutic RNA molecules exclusively to target cells. Silence’s proprietary RNA chemistries and delivery systems are designed to improve the stability of our molecules and enhance effective delivery to target cells, providing a powerful modular technology well suited to tackle life-threatening diseases.

Docobo is known for delivering innovation in health and care technology. The company was formed in 2001 to commercialise the products born from a successful EU funded research and development project to remotely manage hypertension.

Since then, Docobo has gained a widely respected reputation for quality, value and service. We pride ourselves on ‘doing it right' with a strong ethos of ethical behaviour and integrity. These characteristics form the foundation for the relationships we have with our clients. Our technologies support a better quality of life, for the patient, carer and clinician.

Docobo has over 30 UK NHS telehealth clients, with international deployments in Australia, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain and Greece.  

Neem Biotech is a South Wales-based pharmaceutical biotechnology company working in the field of antimicrobial resistance arising from the intrinsic resistome of bacteria. The company has well-established expertise around quorum sensing as a vital part of the intrinsic resistome mechanism. It is developing a series of compounds with a unique capability to disrupt the signaling pathway that controls expression of virulence factors and biofilm formation in some bacteria that are found in serious acute and chronic infections. Neem is developing lead candidates to treat and inhibit acute localised or spreading infection in wounds and cystic fibrosis-associated lung infections and to date has strong data for the impact of these candidates on Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus.

BioSignatures discovers new blood tests. Over 10 years, the company has developed a patented machine learning software technology which with the company’s powerful sample measurement system is a disruptive, dramatically cost-effective step forward in the discovery of new clinical diagnostic tests. The company’s first product is a blood test for prostate cancer discovered with the UK’s NHS. In its first independently blinded validation trial it performed 4 times better than current clinical practice. It also holds great promise for wider application as a screen for the disease. In 2019 they will be embarking on a major project to analyse the whole sample set of the UK Biobank, looking to build novel diagnostic screening tests. Biosignatures’ calculations suggest that the 500,000 sample UKBiobank is large enough to enable the company’s technologies to reliably generate 20 valuable diagnostic screens. For example - over 4,000 patients in the UKBiobank had no prostate cancer diagnosis when sampled but went onto to be diagnosed with the disease later.


Kam Pooni. CEO. Glyconics.
Paul Gaudin. CEO. Carerooms.
John Strafford. Business Development Manager. Silence Therapeutics.
Graham Dixon. CEO. Neem Biotech.
Adrian Flowerday. CEO. Docobo.
Will Dracup. CEO. Biosignatures.
Closing remarks and group photo
17:00  to  17:15
William Franklin. CEO. China Investors Club.
Luke Zhou. CEO. BeyondLaboratory.
Refreshments and networking
17:15  to  19:00
Event close
19:00  to  19:00